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How to Make a Rich Chocolate Birthday Cake

How to Make a Rich Chocolate Birthday Cake
This December was my loving child's 5th birthday. I had purchased a wonderful pineapple upside down meal for him, and had asked additional kids in the neighborhood also to get a little get together. But my calm and happy mood turned into an anxious one when my little one required, "Mother, this birthday I wish to prepare a chocolate cake for my friends!"

My 5 yrs old wanted to prepare? Well, that was his wish on his birthday, and that I had no option by doing his desire but to play my part. He played an associate by simply being excited and there all happy. The thrill that little children experience by watching their parents make any treat is really unexplainable. They feel satisfied in presenting and proudly saying "My mom is the greatest cook!"

It had been testing time for me. I had not cooked an ordinary meal to get a long time. Due to the current situations, when we get anything we need on the market, they why waste enough time and energy? Seeking my previous collection of recipes, I decided to give it a try, and stumbled upon one.

Listed below are the materials for the cake -

200g- plain flour

200g caster sugar

40 grams chocolate (the greater the standard the richer can be your meal)

5ml (approximately 1 teaspoon baking powder)

175 grams butter (Unsalted preferable)

2 large sized eggs

Process - bring all of the materials like the butter to room temperature. Mix sugar, the flour along with the raising agent nicely in a bowl. Include the soft butter till the mixture becomes creamy. To this mix add cocoa powder, sour cream and the eggs. Beat and include the vanilla falls in the long run. Serve into a greased baking tray. Make at 180 degree C for about 30minutes.

Check the dessert if completed with a knife. You divide into half for just two desserts, or can either make the hitter as you large cake.

Sugar preparation-

175 grams of dark chocolate

15ml of golden syrup

Melt butter and candy in a microwave or in a double boiler. Great and put the golden syrup, sour cream as well as the vanilla essence. Combine this well. Blend sugar sugar in a food processor to eliminate all of the possible lumps. Increase the icing sugar t o the above mentioned mix, or you may also fill the chocolate batter into the blender containing sugar sugar for a smooth consistency.

Cut the meal into two cakes and put the topping batter in the guts. When you have already baked the meal as two, you are able to place-one along with another. Sandwich the frosting between the 2 levels of cake, and also follow the same over the top of its edges and the cake. This involves a lot of patience and art. Sprinkle chocolate flakes at the top for further decoration and keep the cake within the refrigerator to cool.

I must admit this connection with preparing this gentle and chocolate rich birthday cake with my little son will be among my cherished memories.

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